The Cartoon series


What happens is fantastic and strange, that when I transform The Nations of the Earth, into a more cartoon-like universe,  then they immediately perceived in a completely different and new way. 

    Suddenly its not so much poverty and global problems that arise as a question for the audience, - but rather an immediate admiration for these people. They appear harmless and exotic, and as a big plus for our planet, Earth. The anxiety, and even superiority - often seen associated with other people's culture and lifestyle disappears partially, and instead are the spectator left with a curious feeling, and wonder.

Women from

The Flowerpower series ,green eyes,

The Flower Power Series, are the world when it's fun, bold, playful, beautiful, colorful, magical and festive ... like when you are a tourist, or backpacker on the game.
      But also a reminderabout that we might be perceived as individuals, who have just traveled from colonial times directly into the charter tourism. Especially for people in poor countries.
     How do we look at the people we visit ? Are they something from a brochure? Do we sincerely want to get acquainted with them?
      How do they see us? As ATMs? alcoholics? or perhaps as confused people without relationships between the generations? 
      Do we travel to exotic places in the world, because we unconsciously as self-selected Robinson Cruise like, are trying to find the connection between humans and nature ? Is it because that deep down inside, and maybe even pure genetic, that we long for being one with nature, and live as our ancestors?  Would we rather be happy predators in paradise, without ties and high heels?

Flowerpower Serien , er verdenen når den er sjov, fed, legende, skøn, farverig, eventyrlig og festlig...ligesom når man er turist eller backpacker den for vildt.
     Men også en påmindelse om at vi måske kan blive opfattet som individer der er rejst fra kolonitiden direkte ind i charterturismen. Specielt for mennesker i de fattige lande.

     Hvordan ser vi på de folk vi besøger ? Er de noget fra en brochure. Ønsker vi helt oprigtigt at stifte bekendskab med dem.
     Hvordan ser de os ? som pengeautomater ? alkoholikere? eller måske som forvirrede mennesker uden relationer imellem generationerne.?

Rejser vi eksotiske steder hen i verdenen, fordi vi ubevidst som selvvalgte Robinson Cruiser`s prøver på at finde forbindelsen mellem mennesket og naturen. Er det fordi vi inderst inde, og rent genetisk prøver på at blive slynget sammen med naturen og leve som forfædrene. Vil vi være lykkelige rovdyr i paradis, uden slips og høje hæle ?


The Charterchildren