Blue Galaxy

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The Neon Installations.

The generation of Neon Installations was possible with financial assistance from foundations and agencies.They are owned by Nicoline Kochs Private School in Arhus, Denmark.

In cooperation with the Ceramist Sanne Bech, a blacksmith, ESO, European Organisation for Astronomical research, Steeno museet, Aarhus, a neon factory and various craftsmen were the Neon Installations officially finished in the year 2000 by an opening ceremony.

The Neon Installations reflects on a science fiction-esque way, standing on a beach at night where lightning crosses the sky, and it gives you a glimpse into the universe.

Dorte Gjerlov, Arhus, Denmark.

I Love You ,neon installation, i love you, cardiovascular research aarhus denmark-pyramid-

I Love You.


Plexiglaspyramid with the words `I Iove You`

"I love you"  is engraved in different languages,

among others,

the Greenlandish and the Arabic language.

Located in the area of Cardiovascular Research.

Arhus, Denmark.